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You're thinking Mrs. Devery ain't our killer. Know what else I hear? Birds, laughing at you! You're too smart for your own good!

O'Brien [to Corcoran]

Corcoran: I'll talk with Annie. Again.
Eva: She insists on staying with me. But what she really wants is to be near you.
Corcoran: Take her back to Mrs. Haverford's.
Eva: If she doesn't feel like she belongs in that world, she'll keep running from it!

Eva: Child, you no longer live here.
Annie: But what if I did live here?
Eva: Why would you choose such a thing? I work everyday with one goal: to live uptown with the Haverfords of this world.

Elizabeth: I only hope that a priest of her own faith will be able to reach her soul in a way that I cannot.
Priest: Do not fret Mrs. Haverford, no child is beyond redemption.

Corcoran: What's the word? How many dead bodies hanging about this morning?
Francis: One.
Corcoran: One? This keeps up and we'll be out of a job.

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