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Corky thinks I should have a childhood. But I don't want one. And it's too late now. I'm a woman.


Corcoran: So is that a new hat?
Francis: Yeah.
Corcoran: Is it a present or a purchase?
Francis: Present. I'm engaged, to Miss Mary Lockwood.

Elizabeth: It looks magical!
Corcoran: Magic won't stop the roderick gang from coming in here and holding up your rich friends. People will get killed, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Nothing good comes from fear.
Corcoran: n=Nothing good comes from denial, either.

Police chief: Friday just happens to be the one night my men work gratis. You're a lucky woman.
Elizabeth: All widows are.

You ain't got no right coming back expecting everything to be the same. Go make your life, like I'm doing.

Francis [to Corcoran]
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