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Corcoran: Annie's in real danger.
Sister Agnes Clare: Well you're a copper, shield her from the danger.
Corcoran [exasperated]: I'm trying.

Corcoran: Are you here to berate me for accusing your husband?
Elizabeth: I'm here for the truth. Did Winfred kill that little girl?
Corcoran: Yes.
Elizabeth: And he had his way with her?
Corcoran: He did.

Corcoran: Who did you make it for?
Craftsman: I'm not at liberty to say.
Corcoran: This is a police investigation, sir.
Craftsman: My clientele is of the highest order.
Corcoran [unholstering his gun]: You can talk, or you can pray.

Look around you, Corky. Since the riots, my people have been moving out of Five Points. My wife, her brothers were hung by the neck from those two lampposts.


Morehouse: Corcoran cut off my leg and saved my life.
Corcoran: Luck of the Irish.
Morehouse: Don't be so modest, Corky. He saved my life and got himself a detective's badge.

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