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Jules: Roleplayahs!
Grayson: You have the right to remain naked!

Andy: Great, they're grossed out by the thought of us naked.
Ellie: Not us my friend.
Laurie: [Laughing]

Welcome to Cougar Town. Your name isn't that great either.

Title Card

Tom: They made my garden gnomes gay.
Jules: Actually, that was me Tom.

Wow, it is not easy having an honest moment with a kid wearing a helmet.


Tom: The Bicycle Boys stole my fountain.
Jules: [Gasp]
Grayson: No!
Andy: Come on!
Ellie: Damn them!

Did you turn Officer Pumpkin Head around and blow his cover?


Dime eyes, read with me.


Oh my God he's on a horse.

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