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Travis, women will always drive us nuts, but have compassion for they only behave that way to protect themselves. They date men they feel superior to so they can't get hurt.


I like that your ex-husband lives on a boat, there is no possible way I can let you down.


Andy: Can you forget that was your mom?
Travis: No problem.
Andy: When a woman has just dominated another woman, she feels ferocious. This is a great time to ask for sex.
Travis: Mom is sort of creeping back in.
Andy: I never said this was gonna be easy. Come on.
Travis: Why am I still following?

Laurie: I wish you could make it simpler.
Grayson: Donkey likes hybrids, health care and homosexuals and elephant likes God.
Laurie: I saw an elephant pray in the circus once.
Grayson: Wow, that's relevant.
Laurie: So both of our votes count the same, right?
Grayson: Yeah, it's a great system.
Laurie: I think it works.

I like queen bitch, it makes me sound like leader of the gays.

Dr. Evans

Travis: Does this mean my girlfriend doesn't like my short stories?
Andy: Of course not, Trav. No one does.

I got my real estate license online one morning when I was trying to avoid fees for my second home. But I get it, real estate is what you do when you have no other option. It's like being a stripper except you get to see your face on a bus bench. Well not this face, of course, but the air brushed version.

Dr. Evans

It's been awhile since I wore a tie, I keep thinking someone's trying to strangle me.


Jules: You smell nice.
Dr. Evans: That's the smell of confidence.

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