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Jules: Name one thing I've done to Travis that is "meddlesome."
Bobby: Watched him sleep.
Ellie: You scared his girlfriend away.
Laurie: You want to live in his blood.

Jellybean! You just simultaneously uttered the dumbest and the smartest things you've ever said!


Travis: Mom, people from Taiwan are really called Taiwanese.
Jules: Agree to disagree.

Kirstin: Trav stop! You're embarrassing me.
Ellie: He can't stop. He was cooked in her baby oven.

Are you two dummies out in the yard again playing human Whac-A-Mole?


(to Grayson) I just want you to be a little different with me than with everyone else.


Oh my. To see Grayson cry would be like seeing....a double-rainbow.


See you soon. Stupid Circle of Anger.


Sometimes I see my ideas in Bobby's eyes.

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