Cougar Town

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Cougar town
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My favorite movie is actually Love Actually. Oh! There's a sequel.


Kirsten: Are we really at a dead lizards funeral in front of your moms house?
Trav: You did this to us.

Grayson: Put Big Carl down.
Jules: No. He understands me.

Yeah baby! The world sucks, but who cares?


You broke Bobby, you fix him. And I'm borrowing this. It's cute.


I'm sorry this sucks. But, this is what happens when Dove's cry.


Hey guys what's up? Did someone have a pillow fight outside here?


Trav: Dad the world today go:
Bobby: Well, I should know oil spilled, black President I love it, people watching movies on their cell phones and ohh Lady Gaga.

Ellie: Really Bug Hookers?
Laurie: That's the title!

Do you know who else mates for life? Termites.


Jules: Did you know that doves mate for life?
Grayson: I did not.

Grayson: I almost killed a lizard.
Jules: Oh great story.
Grayson: Thanks I worked on it.
Jules: Yeah go sit down. I'm making popcorn.

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