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Ellie: Are those all our houses?
Grayson: And that's us there, burning alive. You don't even have a head. No, wait, there it is.
Ellie: Why is my severed head still screaming?

I don't know exactly what your race is, but I am into it in a big way.


Ellie: You should be spraying it from the other side to push it all towards the curb.
Grayson: Are you really telling me how to hose?

Travis: Mom, that's not you.
Jules: Oh, it's me, I toss asses!

What a great day! Man, this calls for some celebration wine. Oh, sorry, this is also my there's nothing good on TV wine.


Grayson: Like Children of the Corn.
Ellie: I crown you King of the Wussies.
Jules: They don't blink.
Ellie: I feel cold.
Grayson: Told ya!

Ellie: What the hell? I don't want to have see this everyday.
Jules: Really, rainbows get you riled up?

Ellie: Hello Tom, to what do we owe the creepy displeasure?
Tom: Jules left her curtains open. That's how she signals me to come over.

Well don't try to stop me if I'm Vogueing on top of a cab.

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