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Jules: It's time to suck up!
Ellie: That's for boys.
Jules: It's time to uterus up!

I also want to believe my haircut doesn't make me look like I'm the mayor of a small Mexican town.


I used to watch Jeopardy! everyday because I had a major lady rod for Alex Trebek. Till I found out he was Canadian. Gross.


Just remember. You can't hear the world laughing at you if you're laughing harder.


Never judge a book by its front parts.


Ellie: Hey bartender how could you miss a question about bartending?
Grayson: I don't know. You missed the one about blood draining parasites.
Ellie: It's not the same.
Grayson: It is the same.

It chews gum while it eats buffalo wings. How did it beat us?


Cool! Wizard versus Nerd!


Wrong Balls is trending on Twitter. It's above Bieber.

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