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It helps to keep a healthy sense of humor and a bottle of Patron in my desk drawer.


You don't need to look at a woman to see that she's hot. You just need to listen to how other men talk about her.


Arthur: Why can't you be a good CIA wife and just trust me?
Joan: Because I'm not a CIA wife. I'm a wife who works for the CIA.

Annie: Do I have to wear a costume?
Joan: Hookers in DC are pretty conservative. What you're wearing is fine.

Blind guy leading you around the CIA. Insert ironic joke here.


Annie: Is this your thing? You wait outside and chat up girls on your first day?
Conrad: Absolutely. I'm both lazy and predatory.

Is this about me hooking up with my taekwando instruction? Because I checked, and that's not against the rules.


CIA agent: The sex was good?
Annie: It rocked.

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