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Covert affairs
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There is only one person you can truly trust here, and you are doing a great job trying to alienate her.

Joan [to Arthur]

Arthur: I can play "rip the band-aid" off, too. Trust me when I say this: my version hurts more.

Annie: I bet you were good.
Auggie: I still am.

You didn't know cougars like hot tubs?


Be my boyfriend, without your hand on my ass.


Auggie: Good.
Annie: How do you know?
Auggie: I'm assuming it's good.

Ignore that. Continue to stare into my eyes.


Finnish intelligence? Are you serious? Do they even have spies?


Jay: Consider me a utility infielder.
Joan: So you have a mediocre arm and can hit .230 from either side of the plate?

Crazy man: I know who killed Kennedy.
Annie: It's been well-documented that Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.
Crazy man: Ted Kennedy.

Finally, a space with windows. Or so I'm told.


It helps to keep a healthy sense of humor and a bottle of Patron in my desk drawer.

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Covert Affairs Season 1 Quotes

Is this about me hooking up with my taekwando instruction? Because I checked, and that's not against the rules.


CIA agent: The sex was good?
Annie: It rocked.