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Rossi: Right over there. That's where I saw Caroline the first time.
Reid: No offence, Rossi but...this place is kind of a dump.
Rossi: Back then it wasn't. Back then the biggest names would come here. Creedence, The Eagles, Chicago. It was a Marine bar. They played for us jarheads.

If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins - Benjamin Franklin


Reid: His area of control, while relatively small includes a number of residential and commercial buildings. Factor in a three mile radius in a city with a population of 636,479 over 48.28 miles, we're looking at approximately 39,549.23 living in his comfort zone.
Morgan: How many of them male?
Reid: 18,944.08

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I really wish you hadn't seen that.


Hannah: We can't be a family. It didn't work.
Tanner: Well it will this time. It will - because I've changed.
Hannah: I've noticed.

Rossi: Tanner thinks his book proves he can take care of the baby.
Hotch: And if she rejects that, he could unravel even more.
Garcia: And what happens then?
JJ: No one will be safe, not even the child.

The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them - Frank Clark

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