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The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret - Salvador Dali


I'm helping you because you can help me. Those are the terms.


Caesar: Hey. The doctor wanted this cleaned up.
Marvin: Actually, I was hoping my friend could use it, Caesar. This is Finn. I'm vouching for him.
Caesar: Okay then. Welcome to Paradise.

Reid: My mom's not even here. Her psychiatrist said that she's doing well on some new medication, so she decided to go on a supervised field trip to the Grand Canyon.
JJ: That's great, isn't it?
Reid: No, it is great. It's just...I guess I kind of can't believe that she didn't tell me about it, you know? This is someone that used to literally write me a letter daily at one point.
JJ: I see. You think she forgot about you. Spence you should be happy. This means she's getting better. She's not constantly checking in.
Reid: You're right, I know.

Blake: 2 / 10 again. This is the third victim that we know about. So, it can't be about a hit list.
Reid: 2 / 10 isn't a countdown at all. I think he might be referring to a hobo code.
Blake: From the Great Depression.
Reid: Exactly. It means two eyes on ten fingers because thieves are present.

Rossi: Well one thing I've learned in life: a good pair of shoes can lost longer than a marriage. You only have to pay for them once.

Marvin: Did you you really see me at the Lotus Inn?
Reid: The truth?
Marvin: I can't abide lies.
Reid: I wasn't even born yet.

Illusion is needed to disguise the emptiness within - Arthur Erickson

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