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Strauss: I'm sorry, I just don't have the patience for this. He's clearly hiding something.
Morgan: All due respect, ma'am, have you been drinking?
Strauss: What? What are you talking about?
Morgan: Strauss we have one shot at this.
Strauss: You think I don't know that?
Morgan: Well if he smelled what I smell on your breath right now, the credibility of this investigation would be compromised.

Dr. Reid: A man like Massey sets rules but is the first to break them. He's left alone to run this kids lives but nobody questions him.
Garcia: Man, it sounds so sad and scary when you put it like that.
Reid: His policies are a combination of many other philosophies but I'm not sure where his actual leadership lies.
Garcia: I believe that it does. Lie, that is. It's a joke.
Reid: Oh, good joke.

Agent Rossi: Nothing was nice about that kid, it's like he strong-armed everybody.
Garcia: Well then the points are for bad behavior, only they're not calling it that.
Agent Prentiss: We should look at the points of everyone who died in those woods. My guess is they were all bullies.
Dr. Reid: Except for Josh.

Dr. Reid: You'd think the laundry room would be closer to the dorms.
Garcia: It's not in the basement?
Reid: It's on the opposite side of campus, that's so strange.
Garcia: Yeah.
Agent Rossi: Leaves of three, let them be.
Garcia: Oh man, poison ivy, alcohol swab stat.
Agent Prentiss: You know if I've got it, so do you.
Rossi: I'm Italian, it knows better.

Agent Morgan: These kids are told what to say, what to wear and when to eat. This goes against the very nature of these boys. They're all looking for some type of control in their lives, and this place strips them of that.
Erin Strauss: And suicide is the ultimate power?
Morgan: Isn't it?

Dr. Reid: What drove them to suicide?
Strauss: A freshman cadet, Bailey Shelton, hung himself two weeks ago in his room.
Agent Hotchner: Identical bedsheet, hangman's knot.
Agent Rossi: Who takes bedsheets camping?
JJ: They would if it was the plan. Could be a domino effect.
Rossi: Campus would've been on high alert after the first one, so the kids wait until they're alone in the woods.
Morgan: They must've made some kind of pact.
Hotch: And there's something else. Six kids went on the trip, only five were found.

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