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Dr. Reid: It's Frankenstein.
Morgan: What?
Reid: The UnSub isn't just trying to put his brother back together, he's trying to bring him back from the dead. He believes that tornadoes have the power to take lives, so conversely they should have the power to restore it.
Hotch: We'll pick up Rossi and Prentiss on the way. Let's go.

Garcia: (on the phone) PG at your service, don't let the name fool you.
Morgan: Baby girl, you're on speaker.
Reid: Garcia can you look for grave robberies in Tornado Alley over the last five years?
Garcia: Okey Dokey, searching. Whoa, that's a shockingly big list. Who knew grave robbing was so on trend?
Rossi: How many of those involve the bodies of teenage boys?
Garcia: None.
Prentiss: What about morgues and funeral homes?
Garcia: Momentito...Again, that is a list that should not be that big. Mostly stolen embalming fluid though.
Morgan: It's often used like PCP though.
Garcia: I'm feeling optimistic about the youth of America, no teenagers involved in this, either.

Morgan: He hunts street kids, so he may be from a similar background and is most likely uneducated but is still charming enough to engage his victims.
Hotch: We'll talk to the press, you should warn any transient kids you might know. As this weather gets worse, so will the UnSub.

Hotch: This could be a sexual predator.
Morgan: An extremely violent one, especially if the UnSub is responsible for the damage done to the bodies, especially those missing limbs.
Prentiss: Now he could be keeping the body parts for some sort of fetish.
Garcia: Ew, okay that's my cue. I'm here if you need me, with my binary machines that don't say gross things.

Agent Hotchner: What concerns me is the brief period between kills.
Agent Rossi: Only a week, he's moving fast.
Hotch: We need to move faster. Garcia get me ID's on all the victims.
Garcia: I'm a gale-force wind.
Hotch: Wheels up in thirty.

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