I'm all yours, give it to me. Wait. Sir. I meant that in the "how can I help you" way, not the----cause you're super lovely and I'm on speaker, aren't I?


Garcia: It is way more popular than I thought.
JJ: How popular?
Garcia: Like cultural phenomenon. Like licensed products. Like red silk scarves and lingerie and....oh my personal favorite is a baby onesie that says "9 months ago my mom read Bare Reflections". Which is super creepy and weirdly cute.

Rossi: What? I dabbled my senior year.
Kate: Ah, college.
Rossi: Ah, high school.

Charlotte: I could have brought over Connie's books sometime this weekend.
Unsub: No problem. I was in the area. Didn't want you to worry about it.
Charlotte: It is my job to worry about it.
Unsub: Is your inner tigress worried or is she ready to be free?
Charlotte: Did you just quote that lame-ass Bare Reflections?
Unsub: Admit it. That book got you all worked up. I know it did.
Charlotte: I think you should go. For the sake of Stacy and the girls I'll pretend this didn't happen.

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression - Dr. Haim Ginott


When the prison doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out - Ho Chi Minh


Reid: The business of incarceration is extremely lucrative and virtually recession-proof. The Citadel Corrections Company has more than quadrupled their holdings since they were founded twenty years ago. They now have nineteen facilities all across the country. 59,603 prisoners in their charge.
Rossi: Guess I had it wrong all this time. Crime does pay.

Morgan: You know, Callahan there's one other possibility we need to consider. What if a guard is actually involved?
Kate: Just means we got to be careful who we can trust.

Reid: Doing this while we're here is incredibly bold, it's practically a taunt.
Hotch: Or a message.
Warden Tate: To who?
Hotch: Us

Morgan: You ready to get the hell out of here?
Kate: Am I ever.

Dwight D. Eisenhower once wrote "If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking is freedom."


Unsub: How the hell do you think it makes me feel, huh?
Lisa: I said I'm sorry.
Unsub: I bust my work all day and all I ask for is a hot meal.
Lisa: I'm sorry. Please. I know this is my fault.
Unsub: You think I want to do this?
Lisa: Look I know you had a hard day at work.
Unsub: NO. I had a rough day. A rough day at work. Say it right.
Lisa: I'm sorry. You had a rough day.
Unsub: So why do you have to make it worse?
Lisa: I'll do better. I promise.
Unsub: I'm tired of giving you second chances.

Criminal Minds Quotes

It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go - J.C. Watts


Rossi: Hernandez? But why?
Sergeant Scott: Why did he do it? Or why did I take credit?
Rossi: Both.
Sergeant Scott: The short answer is: I was ordered to. We were fighting a PR war back home. The government needed a face - a living face - to parade around to solicit support for an unpopular war. I was chosen.
Rossi: And Hernandez?
Sergeant Scott: He was paying a debt. He was being a Marine. He died so that we could live.
Rossi: And you couldn't tell anyone.