Unsub: You or it?
Josie: It.
Unsub: You're so whispery right now. Why so whispery?
Josie: I'm scared.
Unsub: You're scared. That's funny. Do I crack you or it?
Josie: It.
Unsub: It? I crack it? You're sure?
Josie: *crying* Yes.
Unsub: Ok if you say so. What did bird ever do to you? What did he do to you?
Josie: Nothing. He didn't hurt me.

Unsub: You can lock me up - I still win. I got my girls. And I killed Jason Gideon.
Rossi: You're right. You'd be a big deal in prison for killing a federal agent. A legend if you killed two.

Young Rossi: Look. The trail is dead. The Bureau isn't letting us stay.
Young Gideon: Well we can't just leave here.
Rossi: We did the best we could, Jason.
Gideon: That's not good enough, because he's still out there. He's going to terrible things and we won't find him. Because there's so many of them and only three of us. And we can't do it all. We can't!

Young Gideon: You know if this writing thing works out you can buy us a plane.
Young Rossi: Oh sure. Yeah. I can see it now. You know, you've been pretty edgy. What's really going on?
Gideon: You tell me, profiler.
Rossi: I like that. Profiler.
Gideon: So go ahead - tell me why I'm so edgy lately.
Rossi: Simple really. It takes one to know one. You're going to be a father too.
Gideon: You're very good. Not as good as me, but ...impressive, agent. What's your middle name.
Rossi: Stephen. Why?

Hotch: So, about ten years ago, we're sitting on the runway in Denver. And we're waiting for the wings to be de-iced. And, everybody's stressed out and suddenly Gideon collapses in this fit of uncontrollable laughter. You know, the crazy kind where he ends up in tears.
Rossi: I know the one.
Hotch: And he says that it reminds him of a case that you two worked in a blizzard in upstate New York and there were no cars so you had to take sleds.
Rossi: Lockport. The only time it isn't snowing is on the fourth of July.
Hotch: He says that there was a dare...
Rossi: A double-dare. To take a sled down Rattlesnake HIll. There was this local kid, must have been twelve. He dares us to go down this incline that was legendary. Well, you know Gideon: he's not about to turn down a challenge.
Hotch: Especially from a twelve year-old.
Rossi: Of course! He takes this kid's sled and goes flying down this hill. I mean it was like lightening. He jumps off right before it smacks into a headstone.
Hotch: He said that was you.
Rossi: No.
Hotch: [laughs] Yeah well he never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him - Euripides.


Morgan: Wow. David Rossi. Taking time to smell the roses. You know this Donna thing might be paying dividends.
Rossi: All I'll be smelling is fish guts for the next couple of days but you are absolutely right.

Rossi: Harrison Scott died last night.
Garcia: Oh I'm so sorry.
Rossi: Bone cancer. He never said a word.

Death is the only god who comes when you call - Roger Zelazny


Joy: The lake isn't going to dry up all of a sudden. Take all the time you need.
Rossi: You sure?
Joy: Yes, absolutely. We're going to be fine, dad. You there?
Rossi: I'm sorry. Whenever I hear someone say "Dad" I start looking around to see who they're talking to.
Joy: Well get used to it. Dad.

You think you have years left with someone, all the time in the world. And suddenly you don't.

Clarence Wright

Young Scott: I'm proud of you. Not just for what you did here, but what you're going to do in the future. I expect great things.
Young Rossi: Thank you Sergeant. Need to heal up first though.
Young Scott: And when you do, remember: scars only show us where we've been. They do not dictate where we are going.

Criminal Minds Quotes

Reid: Huh.
Morgan: What? You see something?
Reid: Encryption's a highly specialized skill set but it's fundamentally a mathematical process, which means the human process sometimes through technique can reveal where you learned it. I think I know where he learned how to do this.
Kate: Where?
Reid: Harvard. Which oddly enough isn't known for its advanced math program but it is known for one particular class. When you're good at math - good enough to get into Harvard - you take a math class called "Math 15". When you're better than that you take "Math 25", but when you're the best, the absolute best, you take "Math 55": Honors Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra. Graduates are immediately employed by the U.S. Government because they're too dangerous to work anywhere else. More specifically, they're employed at the NSA.

Your memory is a monster. It summons with a will of its own. You think you have a memory but it has you - John Irving.