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Rossi: You said we needed to talk, but at 2am? I take it you thought about what talked about?
J.J.: Yes, I am coming back.

So we are looking for a secluded spot in rural Virginia, that shouldn't be hard to find.


Morgan: You're good.
Garcia: Better now. Thanks for stopping by.

Hotchner: Andi, you don't know for sure she was taken.
Swan: My job is to expect the worse, which means she was.

Penelope: He doesn't call us in at the pre-crack.
Kevin: Who keeps texting you?
Penelope: That's different he left a voicemail. It's gotta be life altering.

Morgan: When was the last time it rained out here?
Rossi: Do I look like a weather man?

Garcia: I went to your online trafficking seminar last fall. You terrify me.
Swan: Sorry, I do remember you.
Garcia: Uh-uh, really?
Swan: Really, you asked great questions. I thought you nicked my powerpoint.
Garcia: I didn't but I could.
Swan: So I heard.

Morgan: What happen, you pull a Whiskey Pete?
Prentiss: I don't know what that is; but, if it involves getting puke on your boots, then yeah.

Prentiss: He is just a kid, can't be more than 25.
Morgan: A kid with an assault weapon isn't just a kid anymore.

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