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Sean: Jack. Haven't seen him since he was...
Hotch: Three.
Sean: Right. Now he's...
Hotch: Seven.

Rossi: You're coming aren't you?
Strauss: Just as a precaution. This team tends to go rogue when loved ones are involved.

Garcia: I hope you saved me for dessert.
JJ: Morgan isn't here, baby girl.

Sean: So how did you know I took the wine?
Hotch: I know the sound of your voice when you lie.

Cruel is the strife of brothers - Aristotle


Replicator: You really think your team is going to save you?
Strauss: I know they will
Replicator: Did you get everything you wanted?
Strauss: What?
Replicator: Did you?
Strauss: Does anyone?
Replicator: We should.

Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober; not to make us sorry, but wise - H.G. Wells


Kevin: Two other people read the report
Hotch: Who?
Kevin: You're going to need a tie.

Replicator: You know what I've been wondering? Why did Strauss change her mind about you?
Blake: I kept my head down and worked hard.
Replicator: We all did. But you got my chance.

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