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You and I both took an oath to protect the innocent, now here's the time.


Nick: You sure this didn't come from your house there, itchy?
Hodges: No, my mother is very clean.

I hope your kids are alright there, Danny. You know, all that time wasted on me. Only have yourself to blame. Only yourself.

Rylan Gauss

I've seen it before. Cop fast turns into hostage late. I'll deal with Gauss myself.

Agent Danielle Moore

David: Looks like a twenty-two.
Doc Robbins: Used to be the preferred caliber for mobsters and assassins.
David: Nowadays they go for a Glock Four-O.
Doc Robbins: Thank you... Ten Cent. Why don't you move him to autopsy, and try not to bust any rhymes on your way out.

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