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Henry: You know how long it's been since grave hit a cycle?
Hodges: Four years, seven months, thirteen days, two hours, and ten minutes. Henry, we are men of science, not men of superstition.

Henry: This is wrong. You don't just shove dollar bills down the Holy Grail like she's some...You know?
Hodges: That's true Henry, but this is Vegas.

Brass: These people need to get a life.
Greg: I think you'd like video games. You get to shoot people.
Brass: When I was their age I was in a real battlefield, with a real weapon, in a real jungle. I don't need to play war with my thumbs.

Greg: You know what the winner of this takes home? A hundred grand.
Brass: A hundred G's? Now I do want to shoot someone.

Sarah: I just got flowers from one of the day shift guys.
Greg: Does he know you're married?
Sarah: Yeah, he was wishing me luck in the cycle.

You know, when a man lets his wife down, loses her, sometimes he can lose himself. When your marriage fails what no one tells us is that it makes us feel like we failed somehow.


It's like finding a nerd in a haystack.

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