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DB: Any witness?
Moreno: We have a whole rave full of witnesses. Only problem is they are all tripping.

DB: Listen, she knows who did this to her. It's probably the same person who shot her friend.
Morgan: So what. She can't tell us.
DB: Maybe. But she still has a voice.

Moreno: Let's just say Fin is um, different.
Nick: Different can be good. Besides she's really hot, don't you think?
Moreno: She's hot and cold. Hey, what's with the third degree?
Nick: Watch your step.
Moreno? What do you mean 'Watch your step'?
Nick: Mushrooms.
Moreno: Oh.

DB: Music festivals, where they played real music. I was actually at the original Humboldt Folk Life Festival 1972.
Sara: Yeah, I've never heard of that.

Sara: Welcome to the joys of long distance relationships
DB: I don't know how you do it.

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