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Mike: You should be proud of yourself.
Fin: I don't know, two year, two jobs, and one marriage.

A Narcissist doesn't hold a press conference and then a few hours later hang himself.


DB: So why were 8 bodies buried just outside Seattle dug up and reburied in the middle of who knows where Nevada?
Nick: A place so remote you would have to know where it is to find it? That's a good question.

Fin: In other words, our body trumps your X-Files convention
FBI Agent: Let them have their grave, keep them out of my hair [walks away].
DB: First time that ever worked.

I saw a movie that started like this, it did not end well; alien invasion.


James: You know I still hear him talking to me sometimes, when things are going wrong. I know it sounds crazy.
Nick: No it doesn't sound crazy. Not to me. Warrick walks besides me every day. He is the source of a lot of my strength. He's a good friend to have. Don't every let him go.

I gotta be honest with you. That doesn't sound like me, looking out for a kid. Protecting him so he can grow up, get out, become something. Why would a scumbag crook like Aaron Voss do something like that?


DB: We know you are James' father. DNA proved that. We also know that you have been providing for him financial in Warrick Brown's name. You remember Warrick right? The guy who was the real man in your son's life, not just some scum bag crook.
Aaron: Warrick wanted to play the hero. So I let him on my dollar. So what?

Henry: The hair that was buried with the bully. I ran the DNA profile against James Newman. It's not his hair, but it is an alleles.
DB: Hair shares alleles with James so the killer...
Henry: Has to be a male relative of his. Father, brother, son.
DB: James is an only child. No kids of his own.
Henry: Dad in the picture?
DB: Certainly is now.

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