Monena: Hey daddy, you wanna date with momma?
Larry: (sees empty HOV lane) Get in the car.

(to country club interviewers) If you're ever looking for a good blow job at a reasonable rate, she's your gal.


Nat: That's good shit.
Monena: You're crazy! "That's some good shit."
Nat: I wonder what it is to smoke bad shit?

Marty: I gotta pick up someone at the airport, and I know it's on the way. Can you give me a lift, please?
Larry: Why don't you ask your father to help jump start the car? (to empty passenger seat) Hey Leo, why don't you give him a push?!

Larry: I don't quite have enough cash to pay you tonight. But I'm, you know, I'm totally good. I'll pay you tomorrow. I'll come to your house--
Monena: Tomorrow? This ain't motherfucking pussy on layaway!

Larry: An ounce of schwag, $200.
Dealer: $200.
Larry: Is that a fair price you're quoting me there, sir?
Dealer: Look, you can pay me $200 or go fuck yourself. I don't need to sell the drugs. The drugs'll sell themselves.

Monena: I can give four blow jobs an hour.
Larry: Four blow jobs an hour?
Monena: Oh yes, I'm good.

Drug Dealer: OK, now walk away!
Larry: Any particular direction?
Drug Dealer: Just walk!
Larry: OK.
(he walks away)
Drug Dealer: Jesus Christ.
(Larry comes back and walks by him the opposite direction)
Larry: I actually have to go this way.

This chronic is the shiznick.

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