I'm serious. There's this thing inside of me and sometimes it takes over.


JJ: I'm just here as a friend.
Rory: Why don't I believe that? Maybe it's because the minute you dressed up as a cop you decided to cut me off.

Eduardo: You and JJ are getting... close.
Gabi: Let me guess. You don't like that one bit, do you?

Steve: No biker gang uses it.
John: No, they're into angels and devils and snakes.

I'm trying to bury my past, man, trying to keep it there. I am doing the best that I can.


Aiden: For me some things are still...
Hope: Still what?
Aiden: The same.
Hope: Nothing is the same. You never should have come back here.

Patrick Johansen is an old sin, apparently one I will never stop paying for.


Shawn: I just don't understand why you couldn't wait for me to talk to her like we agreed to.
Belle: So this is my fault?

Deimos: What do you really want, Nicole?
Nicole: For starters, I want a man with a brain.

Chad: You do not sacrifice your wife! *I* do not sacrifice my wife!
Stefano: You may have no choice!

I had no idea you were gonna be out, so I don't want you to think I was stalking you or anything.


Rafe: Maybe this is all is a mistake!
Adriana: What is?
Rafe: Letting Eduardo back in our lives, that's what!
Adriana: So we abandon him?
Rafe: He abandoned us!
Adriana: That is not what you do with family. Maybe now, this moment, is where your father needs us the most.