Victor: You sound like that 8-year-old boy I remember. He started it, Ma! Not fair, Ma! You're still a jealous child.
Deimos:: Jealous of what?
Victor: I have a beautiful wife. I have a wonderful family. That's why you felt compelled to turn them against me.

I've got germs to share. Enter at your own risk.


So you're getting messages from the other side now? The Oracle of Salem! Amazing!


I was stunned. I had no idea I had a child out there all these years.


Please. It's not you. I mean, someone could say 'have a nice day' and I'm crying into my latte cause I miss Daniel so much.


Under better circumstances, your father would be here to walk you down the aisle. But since he isn't... I'm honored you asked me, but I think his namesake should be the one to give you away.


That's good to hear. Nice he didn't croak before I got to say hi after all these years.


You know, I keep telling people I don't want to talk.


You brought that boy into your home and... at least Ciara has you to lean on.


Kayla, you are my sister and I love you, but I love my nephew too and I WILL talk to him. Now right now it's just a small chat, nephew to uncle, but if you don't walk away I'm going to have to be make this official.


A part of me is still afraid to tell you cause maybe I'm wrong, but I trust you. Steve didn't kill Ava. Joey did.


You saved my brother and my daughter. They're my world, and they're still here because of you.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

I want to see my wife. I just want to see my wife.


You don't want to get married because you're suddenly convinced that you want to spend the rest of our lives together. You want to get married so you don't have to think about how much you miss Shawn.