Days of Our Lives

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Days of our lives
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There is no one else on earth, save our children for whom I would run around apologizing my very existence. Just you Samantha.


There's a thin line between love and hate...which gives me a lot of men to choose from.


EJ: You remember we all took a ride on the carousel and you…
Sami: Yes but that was before you took a ride on Abby Devereaux.

Making mistakes with men is a specialty of mine.


If that's all it took to go from priest of the year to father hate and anger then maybe that vocation was all it was cracked up to be.


So I'm hoping that you can understand why I am doing what I am doing but if you can't then I suggest you keep your head down and stay the hell out of my way.


That's really what you do. You say a whole bunch of things to people who don't want to hear it.

Sam (to Adrienne)

I'm shaking in my stilettos. Boy, please. I'm just getting started.


Did you marry this man or adopt him?

Victor (to Sonny)

The two of you are just pampered little brats. You live your whole life getting away with whatever you want. Well guess what? You tell your mom and all of the Hortons that that's not how I roll. I'm going to see to it that Abby pays for what she did.


I don't understand why everything I've ever been or done for you, for everybody has just been erased.


I have this prejudice against money grubbing whores.

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

You know you're not the first guy to let Kate Roberts ruin his life. Hell, you're not even the first guy in this room.


Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.