I think that for someone who pretended to have a brain tumor, it's not really fair for you to get offended if somebody's questioning your motives.


Drop the act. First of all you're no Sarah Bernhardt and secondly I know everything.


Why don't you ask him about what happened here tonight? Oh that's right, he's not talking to you. Something about you being too judgmental.


Hope: Honey, calm down. It's OK. Everything's going to be alright.
Ciara: Want a bet.

You are the most amazing survivor I have ever known or ever will know.


If you're ready to move on, I'm 100% behind you and Bo is a damned fool.


Think about law school kid because you don't give an inch.


Brother or no, you threaten EJ's kids or his wife and he will kill you and in your family that's not hyperbole.


Sami: I just thought that…
Will: That someone else would have given me the happy news that you're back together with that cheating scum of a husband.

Sami: Everybody makes mistakes, Will. Everybody.
Will: I have a daughter that reminds me every day.

EJ: It's nice to meet a man whose word is his bond.
Victor: When it suits me.

Look, Kristen may be the zombie that never dies but for now let's just focus on Brady and his dad.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Lucas: What do you see in that wing nut?
Kate: Really? How many times have I said the same thing to you?

What a fantastic morning. A Charming run in with Nick. Getting gouged by an 8-year-old. What next?