Chad: Is it a crime to try and make your father proud?
Victor: When your father is Stefano DiMera, chances are good, yes.

Melanie must wonder why after what Abigail's used to she'd settle for a smaller, more economy package.


Hey, did I say be naked when the messenger arrived with your phone? No, no that was your own artistic personal choice.


Anne: You know what's funny? It's not the face of a snarky bitch…
Abigail: And it's not the coffee that's bitter.

Melanie: Tell him this is me not him. I do this all the time.
Abigail: You do, you surprise naked men?
Melanie: Yeah, it's kind of my thing.

No matter how he tries to spin it, don't ever forget that his name is DiMera and yours is Kiriakis and that never goes away.


Everybody here knows you have the morals of an alley cat and that your favorite scratching posts are DiMera men.


Chad: We used each other. It's a special bond that only we can share.
Kate: My God, if you ever doubt that you're a DiMera remember this moment 'cause you are enjoying it only as a DiMera could.

You actually think I meant to throw that ball to hit that stupid tree to ricochet off your big head which contains your even bigger ego?


Nicole: Hey, I aimed it at that old lady's walker. She was giving me a look.
Daniel: Yeah, what did that car window ever do to you?

Brady: You want to give me a promotion.
Victor: You deserve it.
Brady: On what planet?

It's just that I've never made any mistakes when it comes to women, alright so I felt really secure judging you.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

The only reason we're together is because you decided to spend the last few months doing the Baroness Von Trapp.


Victor: I didn't get to where I am in life without being able to take care of problems.
Sonny: Or cockroaches.