Joanna: She reminds me of Vivian.
Sofia: She's nothing like Vivian. Vivian was a drug addicted, narcissistic, black hole of need.

Do you have any idea what the street value of Sofia's medicine cabinet is?


Hey Eddie, next time you're lying awake wondering why no one likes you flashback to this moment.


You think I don't know exactly what my husband is? He and I were made for each other, you dumb bitch.


Maybe you should tell TMZ about your Venereal Warts Quinn.


Robert: Where's Julian?
Edward: Probably helping a stripper work out her Daddy issues. I'd go find him, but I'm gonna need some singles.

Look at these people, give me a microscope and a drop of blood and I'll prove there's an a-hole gene.


I am a doctor. I have a diploma and everything.


Joanna: Wow.
Julian: I know I'm unbearably excellent

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