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Irisa: Are we ever gonna make it to Antarctica?
Nolan: Antarctica is not real kid.
Irisa: You sure of that?
Nolan? No, but this town is. I'm sure of that.

Nolan: [to Irisa] So what you do, bust him out?
Irisa: I don't like chains.
Nola: You did the right thing.
Irisa: Amanda helped.
Nolan: Wow, so we were right to trust her.

Amanda: So what's it going to be Datak? Pointless blood shed or are we going to work out our differences together, peacefully?
Datak: Madam Mayor. Your passion has touched my heart. We are indeed one community. Enough blood has been spilled. Tonight let us bury our dead with dignity. And later, who knows perhaps, we could revisit these cultural differences with cooler heads.

Rafe, you can do the right thing by your dead child, or you can do the right thing or by the two living ones. But you cannot do both. You make your choice right now.


Tommy: Elah Bandik is under arrest.
Male Castithan: For what?
Tommy: Loitering.

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