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Irisa: We have one rule: Live or die together
Nolan: It's a stupid rule

Rafe: You're determined to get me shot aren't you?
Nolan: Yeah, my life long goal.

Kenya: Stahma, what's in the flask? Drugs, poison?
Stahma: I don't know what you mean
Kenya: [pulls gun] Then drink it, all of it.

Nolan: One rule: We live or die together.
Irisa: You're an idiot.
Nolan: I'm the idiot? [rolls eyes]

Kenya: If you gave a shtako about me, you would stop your husband from hurting my sister.
Stahma: I guess I'm not as brave as you.

Irisa: I'm the Angel of Death
Nolan: No you're not, you're a little girl in a bad situation. MY little girl.

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