A sense of security, it's something we all search for whether it's knowing you're desired, taking control of our fears, or finding strength to do the right thing. But, the danger of a sense of security is that it may prove to be false.

Mary Alice

Lee: Okay, I'm calling it. Time of gay: 11:21.

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I never forget a gay face. I have what scientists call a homographic memory.


Bree: Gaby, if you're really serious, I will set you up with a class at my gun range. They'll teach you about gun safety. You will get a permit. And then, we'll see about you getting a gun.

Gaby: Great! So, in the meantime, if skulking guy breaks into my house, I'm just going to yell, "Freeze! I'm taking a class!"

Bree: Gaby, I'm not giving you a gun.
Gaby: Why not? I let you borrow things all the time.

Sometimes it's the little things that make us feel secure, like an old friend at bedtime, money saved for a rainy day, or matching coffee mugs. But, there are times when these small comforts are up against big challenges.

Mary Alice
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