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Okay, you can be my boyfriend. Don't get excited. It's annoying.


I want to understand why I'm such a raging bitch.


The woman cleans tile grout for a living. If you can't shield this secret from her, you're not the brilliant degenerate I married.


People to choose to be poor anyway. There's no overhead.


Spence: Aren't you going to kiss your son goodbye?
Peri: I'm already in character and she doesn't have kids.

Valentina: Would you say you ended up with the love of your life?
Zoila: Absolutely.
Valentina: Then, let me end up with mine.

When I'm in Alexander McQueen, he gets the bottle.


Genevieve: When I looked in the mirror today, I found a new wrinkle.
Zoila: Really... just the one?

Carmen: "I should have been born rich."
Rosie: "We're right there with you, mija."
Carmen: "No, it's different for me. You guys know how to pull off poverty. I don't."

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