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Because the traveling is starting to feel like running away.


Amy: Then why do you keep coming back for us?
The Doctor: Because you were the first, the first face and you're seared into my heart and you always will be Emilia pond. I'm running to you and Rory before you. Fade before you.
Amy: I don't want you to be nice to be me.
The Doctor: Yeah you do pond.

How do you people manage one heart? It is pitiful!

Amy: He went to get coffee and he showed up in a book. How does that happen?
The Doctor: I don't know, we're in New York!

Amy: What was that?
The Doctor: Nineteen thirty eight. We just bounced off it!

Amy: Time can be rewritten.
The Doctor: Not once we've read it. Once we know it's coming, it's written in stone.

The angels are predators. They're deadly. What do you want with them?

River Song

You're going to fire me at a planet? That's your plan? You're going to fire me at a planet and expect me to fix it?

It means, Mr. Grail, just you wait til my husband gets home.

River Song
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