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The Doctor: Clara, in your book, there was a leaf. Why?
Clara: That wasn't a leaf. That was page one.

The Doctor: Oh you know what I would say about plans?
Clara: What?
The Doctor: I don't have one!

I'm a doctor, I'm an alien from outer space, I'm a thousand years old, I have two hearts and I can't fly a plane. Can you?

The Doctor

The Doctor: Human souls. Trapped like flies in the World Wide Web. Stuck forever. Crying out for help.
Clara: Isn't that basically Twitter?

The Doctor: I found a disassembled quadracycle in the garage.
Clara: I don't think you did.
The Doctor: I invented the quadracycle.

Monks are not cool!

The Doctor

Clara: How'd you get here so fast?
The Doctor: Because I just happened to be in the neighborhood on my mobile phone.
Clara: Why you say mobile phone do you point at that blue box?
The Doctor: Because it's a surprisingly accurate description.

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