Thomas: I don't know why I'm crying really. She wouldn't have noticed if I died.
Anna: You don't mean that.
Thomas: No, no I don't. In my life I can tell you not many have been kind to me. She was one of the few.

But this can't be. She's 24 years old. This can't be.


Matthew: Edith has had an opportunity to write a newspaper column.
Violet: When may she suspect an offer to appear on the London stage?

Matthew: I don't know. I thought Edith's letter to The Times was rather interesting.
Edith: Don't bother, Matthew. I'm always a failure in this family.

The editor of The Sketch wants me to write for him. He saw my letter to The Times and wants to give me a regular column.


Anxiety is an enemy to pregnancy.

Sir Phillip

I think he harks business with being mean, or worse; middle class, like me.


You better ask Mr. Barrow. He's the clock expert. He's the clock expert, but of course, it's quite wrong for a valet to do it.

Miss O'Brien

Matthew: Downton is being mismanaged, cousin Violet, and something must be done. The thing is, how do I do it without putting people's noses out of joint?
Violet: Oh my dear. I don't think there is a way to achieve that. I mean, you must do what must be done, of course, but I can safely say a great many noses will be out of joint.

He looks like a footman in a musical review.


What chance is there for a woman like her? She's taken the road to ruin. There's no way back.

Mrs. Hughes

I think you love my son, Mr. Bryant. I don't think you're a nice one or a kind one, but I think you love my son, so you'll be pleased by what I've come here to say.


Downton Abbey Quotes

Edith: Now you're happy again, you'll be nicer... for a while.
Mary: If that's what you feel, then why are you here?
Edith: Because, in the end, you're my sister and one day, only we will remember Sybil... or Mama or Papa or Matthew or Michael or Granny or Carson or any of the others who have peopled our youth... until, at last, our shared memories will mean more than our mutual dislike.

Robert: You'll be in a very junior seat.
Violet: Il faut reculer pour mieux sauter. (You have to step back to jump further.)