The estate must be a major employer and support the house or there's no point. To any of it.


Mary: He's so relieved we're getting married he wouldn't mind if you carried me up naked.
Matthew: Careful, I might try it.

No, tis not an interview Miss O'Brien, but he is on trial and if he cannot meet our standards he will be found guilty.

Mr. Carson

Miss O'Brien, we are about to hire a footman, and I have no time to be training hobbledeehoys.

Mr. Carson

May I remind you, Mr. Barrow, that in this house Mr. Bates is a wronged man seeking justice. If you have any problems with that definition, I suggest you eat in the yard.

Mr. Carson

You've lived your life, and I've lived mine. Now it's time we live them together.


Matthew: Sorry for the vase.
Violet: Oh don't be. It' was a wedding present from a dreadful, dreadful aunt. I've hated it a half a century.

Richard: I'll be leaving in the morning, Lady Grantham, I doubt it we'll meet again.
Violet: Do you promise?

It may be wrong that I'm complaining with Mr. Bates the way he is, but it reminds me that life's short and I'm wasting mine.


No fortune? He's lucky not to be playing the violin in Lester square.


Violet: Nineteen twenty. Is it to be believed? I feel as old as Methuselah.
Robert: But so much prettier.
Violet: When I think what the last ten years has brought, God knows what we're in for now.

Cora: Sybil's pregnant!
Robert: I see. So that's it then. No return. She's crossed the Rubicon.

Downton Abbey Quotes

Robert: You'll be in a very junior seat.
Violet: Il faut reculer pour mieux sauter. (You have to step back to jump further.)

The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end that's all there is.