Matthew and Mary look so natural together. Did you notice?

Lady Grantham

Bates: I don't know if I've dreaded this moment or longed for it.
Anna: Well, either way, it's happened.

Matthew: Who cast you the Florence Nightengale?
Mary: We can't leave all the moral high ground to Edith, she might get lonely there.

Violet: I say good. If someone is to manage things it should be our creature.
Isobel: Why? Are you planning to divide his loyalties?
Violet: I wouldn't say I was planning it.

Rosamund: Marmadude wasn't a rough diamond, was he mama?
Violet: No, he was just cut and polished comparitively recently.

Not bad. Try to fit in a bit of practice. There's plenty of time to get it right before anyone sees it who matters.


Mary: Really, Granny, Lavinia Swire knows Richard Carlisle. So what? One knows many people in London.
Violet: I don't know many people who would threaten me behind the laurels.

Mr. Carson: I'm sure the chain of command will be sorted out soon.
Miss O'Brien: Or there will be blood on the stairs.
Mr. Carson: Thank you Miss O'Brien.

What these men will need is rest and relaxation. Will that be achieved by mixing ranks and putting everyone on edge?


I forbid it. To have strange men prodding and prying around the house. To say nothing of pocketing the spoons. It's out of the question.


You'll find there's never a dull moment in this house.


Don't feel sorry for me Mrs. Hughes I know what real love is and there are not many who can say that. I'm one of the lucky ones.