Duck Dynasty

Wednesdays 10:00 PM on A&E
Duck dynasty
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Wrestling, to rednecks, is a soap opera.


Normally, I would be concerned about Willie getting hurt. But I have not seen Willie exercise this much since he stopped doing the TaeBo videos in the living room. And I think those were on VHS too.


I have found ticks in my whiskers.


She was looking for a man who was not from the Paleolithic era, if you know what I mean.


What was the line to make you say 'I think I'll spend the rest of my life with a guy from Florida?


They're not mad. These cows are crazy


Missiles are coming out the rear ends of these animals that can provide a lot of opportunity for your children.


I like sheep.

Miss Kay

The duck call room is actually a combination of science, innovation and art, all coming together. We are like a rednecked NASA. We are boldly going where no redneck has gone before.


Jep: So, by your logic, it's too fun.
Jase: Yep. It's the childhood equivalent of a strip mall.

You don't mix nail guns and medication. That's just not smart.


That's my crapper.

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