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The good investigator never rules out the possibility that his quarry is a fool.


Joan: Why is Gay asleep on our couch
Sherlock: I worked her hard.

Sherlock: Do I look as you'd imagined.
C: Hard to say. The parts of you that keep my imagination occupied are fully clothed at the moment.

Sherlock: Has anyone claimed responsibility for the Nanotyrannus yet?
Gregson: No, why?
Joan: He wants to take it home.

Joan: Okay, well, I will work on the collage while you are out.
Sherlock: It's not a collage, I don't do crafts.

I remove my earlier skepticism. The dinosaur in Doug Newberg's backyard did indeed escape my notice.


Gay: I'm Gay.
Sherlock: I'm not.
Gay: It's my name.

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