Bell: Where did you find this? CSU was in there and they didn't find anything.
Holmes: They failed to examine the zebra droppings.

Andrew died because he knew me. I don't know what else there is to say.


How can you be so naive? If he was involved with you, he was involved with me.


Joan: I feel ... okay. I feel clear about something. Our work ... what we do ... it's not just a job now. It's who I am. I'm a detective. I'm ready to embrace that. I live in this world. Your world. And I probably will for the rest of my life.
Sherlock: It isn't my world. It's our world.

Bell: What am I missing?
Holmes: Everything that matters.

Imagine sitting for a portrait today. Hubris practically leaks off the canvas.


Don't talk twaddle … I just want to maintain focus.


Meeting the parents. That's an important milestone in the romantic passion play.


You, Watson, are not people. Neither was Kitty.


Sherlock: Watson, I've got every confidence that you could brain a man with a metal tube if you put your mind to it.
Watson: That's very nice of you to say.

Do you know what I haven't said to anyone in a long time? I love you.


Whatever you decide, you must understand, you will always be special to me. You will always be my friend.


Elementary Quotes

For future reference. When I say I agree with you, it means I'm not listening.


Holmes: Why do you suppose you hate your job so much?
Watson: I don't hate my job.
Holmes: You have two alarm clocks. No one with two alarm clocks loves their job. Two alarm clocks mean it's a chore for you to get up in the morning.