Sherlock: I have what some might call a strong personality.
Bell: Nah.

We had to put her in the Shoe. Oh, that's solitary.
Joan. We get Netflix.

Deputy Warden McCann

You're firing me, so you can be my friend?


After many, many hours, I've come to most wretched of realizations. One that might curdle your very blood. You are my friend.


You're bad at this, Marty. You're exceptionally bad.


I prefer police contact me through my lawyer, not my dentist

Janko Stepovic

The full spectrum of commerce and communication flows through her optic fibers as well as the requisite glut of pornography and cat videos.


Finn: At one time almost every great religion has been attacked as a cult.
Sherlock: So have most cults.

I don't think you should help her again. She is what she is. She wants what she wants. I love her but I love this job, too. The people who do it. She's got to do better.


Hannah: I did help them. I got some bad guys off the street.
Joan: Just not as many as you could have..\

So in other words, you think Species was killed by Species.


Sherlock: Enjoy yourself, Watson.
Joan: I'll try, Holmes.

Elementary Quotes

Morland: You don't look well.
Sherlock: You look as spry as ever. My compliments to the virgins whose blood you bathe in.

[about Sherlock] Fluent in three dozen languages, and he still hasn't seen Say Anything.