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I've been working steady for the past twelve years, minus the last three

Johnny Drama

Mrs. Ari: Where are you going?
Ari: They flew in the liver, and I gotta do the transplant.

Emily: Vince and the guys are going to a party at Josh Weinstein's.
Ari: Who's Josh Weinstein?
Emily: Are you joking? He's your old assistant.
Ari: I have many old assistants.
Emily: All right, two before me. Before Jackie, after Jared.
Ari: Ah - my "J" phase. I think I fired him for stealing pens. Why do I care about Josh?
Emily: Well now he's an agent at Triad. And he's the one who gave the boys Queens Boulevard.
Ari: That's why no more guys! You fire a guy you create a rival. You fire a woman you create a housewife.

Ari: Emily! I want you to go to that party on Saturday, represent the agency, let Vince know that my Army's everywhere.
Emily: Ari, I really don't want to get in the middle of this.
Ari: You are in the middle of this, whether you like it or not. Okay? You wanna be a hero? You want a medal, or are you a coward? Knock off the hippie shit, strap on a helmet, and start shooting. This is Malibu, Emily, I want you to storm that beach like it's fuckin' Normandy!

Mrs. Ari: You are such an asshole.
Ari: I'm the asshole that pays for your art lessons and gets celebrities to attend your charity events, and supports your deadbeat brother.
Mrs. Ari: Hey little agent boy, you better be back here for the cake.
Ari: Okay

Davies: It's not gonna be easy to get you back in the game.
Drama: Back in the game?... I am the fucking game pal!

What is emotional confusion you ask? It's like running naked through a cornfield backwards at midnight

Gary Busey

Drama: I just got offered a job.
Eric: Nice buddy!
Drama: Yeah, as a fuckin waiter.
Turtle: I don't know Drama, that's a lot of responsibility. Maybe you should try out busboy first.
Drama: Hey, eat shit Turtle!

Gary Busey: You worked craft service on Lethal Weapon 1 didn't you?
Ari: I certainly did not. I used to represent you. Remember?
Gary Busey: I know you. You are a gut maggot with no guts.
Ari: You're gonna spin off this planet. I love it!

Gus: Shrimp puff?
Drama: What the fuck you say?
Gus: Shrimp puff?
Drama: Oh. No, I'm good

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