Turtle: Check out the picture, he's beautiful.
Drama: He's got a great body E. Look at those calves.
Eric: This isn't a guard dog, this is a fucking lawsuit

Eric: What do you need?
Turtle: I'm on ass patrol. I got a six pack, one of them kinda looks like Kristen.
Eric: What are you an asshole?
Turtle: I'm just sayin, revenge fuck

Turtle: What are you so worried about?
Drama: This is my movie too.
Turtle: Oh, I forgot. Give us your line again.
Drama: Alright, alright. "I'm out of here motherfuckers!"

Drama: We gotta go, ten year reunion baby!
Turtle: We? You weren't even in our class.
Drama: I hung out with a lot of those kids.
Eric: You didn't hang out with em, you sold em weed in the parkin lot. You were already like 40

Turtle: At least they didn't fuck up your package.
Eric: What are you talking about? The posters a head shot.
Turtle: I'm just saying, shit happens. I heard Warren Beatty sent back 300,000 one sheets for "Heaven Can Wait" because his dick looked too small in sweat pants.
Drama: Guy's smart, looks out for his image

Ari: You read the New Republic?
Eric: No, I've heard of it.
Ari: Well, I was reading that and it's interesting cause what it says is, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about!

Eric: Ari, I'm telling you, you ever fuckin talk to me like that again, I will slap that grin right off your face.
Ari: You're gonna get street on me now? Is that what your gonna do?
Eric: You know what, enjoy your dinner. This sake sucks!

Drama: Were you smackin it?
Eric: Yea, I'm jerkin off to Sportscenter.
Drama: You are! Look, he was doggin it to the lady golfers!

It's Die Hard at Disneyland, what's not to love?

Ari Gold
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