Drama: Shoes off Ari.
Ari: Fuck you Drama

Turtle: You are ruining this party, Drama.
Drama: By stopping two hundred people from shitting on my toilet? I don't think I'm ruining anything.
Turtle: Who shits at a party?
Drama: Or they could just piss. What do drunk people do? They piss, and they miss

Billy: Guys, my whole crew is Latin; help make this film as absolutely authentic as it could be. (Delivers while walking around introducing the crew.)My editor Raul, his assistant slash little brother Terro. Both Mexican, both totally legal. My, uh, post guy's Brazilian, the caterers from Chile. (Turns towards Vince and Eric) Every Thursday we get that endangered sea bass flown in.
(Very pretty Latin female walks past)
Eric: What does she do?
Billy: She gives blow jobs. Seriously, she's a street walker I brought back from Columbia

Eric: Wow. Cutting the old fashion, huh?
Billy: Why fuck a woman with a vibrator when you've got a dick, right suit?
Eric: I don't know what that means, but we're excited to see what you've done, Billy

Billy: You want to eat first? You want something?
Vince: I'm okay.
Billy: We got empanadas.
Vince: No. I'm all good.
Billy: You want an empanada, suit?
Eric: We just ate, Billy.
Billy: How about a tamale?
Eric: We're all good.
Billy: What about one of those blow jobs? Want one of those?
Eric: No

I teach my son never to let people just take things from him. It's my Israeli blood. Okay?


Mrs. Gold: Was there a problem with Jonah's evaluation?
Secretary: Well, he did hit a kid with a ruler

Eric: So, first party at the new place huh Drama?
Drama: Don't be ignorant! It's not a party it's a get together. A get together is less than a dozen people bro'.
Turtle: You don't be ignorant Drama 'cause this is definitely going to be a party.
Eric: Or simultaneous get togethers if it makes it easier to swallow

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