Allison: Mr. Hughes, are you ok?
Hughes: My ears are ringing!
Jack: Exploding robots will do that.

Fargo: Your tank must have been damaged
Holly: I am going to die on Titan without even leaving Main Street.

Hughes: Sheriff Carter is dating the head of GD while living with the head of GD Security.
Jo: It's not as "Three's Company" as it sounds.

Fargo: We could have dinner; shoot the breeze, share secrets.
Holly: Uh..... no, let's just stick with the plan and have sex.

Henry: And where have you been?
Jo: I was tangled up with Zane, with his thing.... with his pardon.

Holly: Our budding urges are getting in the way.
Fargo: Our? As in Mutual?
Holly: Absolutely, that's why I think the most sensible course of actions is to satisfy them. [Reaches for him]
Fargo: Now?
Holly: The sooner we consummate, the sooner we concentrate

Allison: Now that we are involved I had to file an IA248 with the DOD
Jack: IA??
Allison: It's the form required for our intimate alliance.
Jack: There can't be a form for that!

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