Zane: I bet that felt good.
Allison: It didn't suck.

Jack: That was a little unsettling, are you ok?
Grace: Not even close, let's go!

Jack: How long between the switch flipping and the fireball of destruction.
Fargo: I can rig a delay that should buy you 12 seconds.

Look at me, I'm coaching Jenna's T-ball. I totally would do that!


Jack: It's me, the real Jack, I love you.. Do you trust me?
Allison: No.
Jack: Really??! I thought that would go differently.

Jack: it's ironic, no it's up bionic.. uh ionic...
Zane: Resonator, ionic resonator.

Jack: It's the real me; Henry had to jack me in to get at my MP3s
Zane: NPC.

Henry: We're ready to jack you in... Jack.
Jack: Nice.

Beverly: If you die in the program...
Jack: You die here, yeah I got it.

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