Parrish: She said she didn't like to role play.
Fargo: Normally you play the part of an asshat.
Parrish: Touché

Jack: Thanks for the save
Jo: It's kinda of my job.
Jack: Hope you keep it.

Maybe we should just bow down to our new fireball overlords while we can. Maybe they will spare us.


Zane: Do you think its dead?
Jack: [watches lake boil] I'm going to say no.

Zane: You saw her naked.
Jack: What are you six?

Jack: I didn't mean... the.. uh.. this..
Jo: safety in numbers.
Jack: Ok, so this is weird.

Jack: But the remote will work once we get outside GD, right?
Parrish: Theoretically.
Jack: I...... hate that word.

I like to call them "Fireflies" due to their mobility feature.


Hey you two look like Ghostbusters.

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