Carter: Ah, you likey the science talk.
Allison: A little bit.
Stark: I likey to barf.

Allison: You were exposed Grant, who are you seeing?
Carter: Tall leggy blonde, slinky red dress.

Carter: Geez, put a shirt on!
Stark: This is your imagination.

Seriously Farto, is there anything you are not afraid of? How about bunny rabbits?

Jessica Lansky

Carter: I just don't get it
Stark: Its science Carter, nobody expects you to get it.

Hey Carter, all done playing doctor with your robot?


Carter: You're dead, or undead.
Stark: (looks in mirror) Nope, not a vampire.

That never stops being creepy.


Hard to be the big dog with your tail between your legs.

Jessica Lansky
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