Allison: The man holds the key to our future, and we just fried a bunch of neurons in his brain and you want to go out for pizza?
Jack: No! I want to go out for - Chinese.

Vincent: Why's he talking like you?
Jack: Long story.

Jack: So our rods an arrow?
Jo: At some point we're going to stop calling it a rod right?
Jack: Oh, where's the fun in that?

You played DnD together? She told me she wasn't into roleplaying.


Senator Wen: You have quite a history of making, shall we say "questionable decision" the most recent being worm-holing Dr. Martin.
Fargo: No, no, no, I swear we've only just kissed.

Holly: I am so bummed I missed the thruster test, who doesn't love thrust?
Fargo: Probably for the best; main engine test are like Cesium and water.
Holly: Explosive?
Fargo: Big time.

Warren: That is! I think we have what we need.
Jack: That's it?
Warren: What, were you expecting the Spanish Inquisition?
Jack: Uh, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Allison: It only records the memories you're willing to share, so think about those.
Jack: See I have seen this before and then the Stay-puft Marshmallow man.. Grrrr, comes Arrrgh down the street, ah... no.

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