Parrish: You know Donovan, I've always maintained that under proper supervision you're not incompetent.
Zane: Well damn Parrish, that's probably the nicest thing you said to anyone - ever

It's like that dream where you're trying to scream but all you can speak is orkish.


Kevin: You mean he's a clone? Can we keep him please?
Allison: This is Jack evil twin not a puppy!

Their making me do things, like I'm walking in my sleep. Except that instead of raiding the fridge I'm spitting out bodies like the queen alien on LV426


Parrish: You dematerialized me.
Zane: What happen to non-lethal weapons?
Parrish: That one's a work in progress. I taste like chicken.

Fargo: We were just talking military man stuff.
Jo: Really, you served? Which division?
Fargo: Uh long division?

Zane: I knew Jo was off, but not THAT off!
Fargo: Tell me about it, my resurrected girlfriend is the Manchurian Candidate.

Zane: You're telling me that Carter, Henry, and Jo are all evil clones made by Holly?
Fargo: Technically they are programed intelligences in bioprinted bodies, but yeah - evil clones.

You made me a better person, if you're looking to take responsibility for something, take responsibility for that.

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