Kate: She's a bit obsessive, our step-mother. Don't you think?
Spencer: That's what Dad loved about her.
Kate: I thought that was her ass.
Spencer: There's that too.

Kate: My father would never ask me to do this.
Lauren: No, you're right. He wouldn't. He'd ask me to ask you.

Kate Reed is not a lawyer. She is a mediator. A mediator is like a referee in a game with no rules except those agreed upon by the parties involved.

Judge Nicastro

It's easy to lose sight of what's important. You focus on the wrong thing, you get killed.


You almost hit that guy on the bike because you were sniffing your coffee.


Her time is not more valuable than mine, Spencer. In fact it's worth a lot less.


Kate: You keep sniffing your coffee.
Cab driver: Oh yeah. The aroma's amazing. This stuff will change your life.
Kate: Only if you drink it.

It's good to check the bathroom lock twice, but it's even better to look under the stall door.


We most definitely have a deal. There is no sex ever. And when we do have sex there is no spending the night.

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