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I'm not giving up on you. I don't care what that bitch has done to you.


Anne: You're not going to like it.
Tom: I'll keep an open mind.
Anne: I don't think she's human.

I work for the President, Sir. The real President. Andrew Hathaway. Who do you think sent me here?


Tom [to the dying Lee]: You could be a real pain in the ass. You know that? But you could fight like a bansee. Thank you.
Pope: Nice words, Professor. But as usual, do little too late.

Hey, let me fight!


The how I'm afraid is not a simple answer even for me.


Anne: What am I thinking? I love you Lexi.
Lexi: I love you too, Mommy.
Anne: Who are you?

No no. No one said anything about a bubblehead and a damn murderer.


Girl: Nice one, Benji.
Ben: Stop calling me that.

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