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I will never see my home. But, if we win this war, my children's children may one day gaze upon the real Cacherias. That is what I'm fighting for Mr. President.


Congratulations, Professor. I think you've made it to round 2.

President Hathaway

By the way, I had a family too once. I understand what we are fighting for ... completely.

Marina Perlata

That's not how it works. You're going to get off your ass and we are going to move.


There's only one thing I can't stand more than you and that's Skitters.


Let's make one thing perfectly clear -- Hal is not the target. He's one of ours. The aliens messed him up but we're not going to let them get away with that.


I will personally mount your head on the wall on this establishment


All I've got now is hate, I'm not going to waste it.


Fresh air! Man oh man! The things we take for granted.

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