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Stewie: So, I've always been about world domination. What the hell do you think I was talking about when I said "Victory shall be mine!"
Brian: You have not said that in a very long time.
Stewie: Well, I'm back on it.

Peter: I mean, who says the body next to you has to be male or female? Or whatever!
Quagmire: Or alive!
Peter: Yeah! Well, no. But yeah!

I bought that to kill the women of Sex and the City, but time seems to be doing that for me!


You have a pop-up version of the Unabomber's Manifesto?

Believe it or not, men like to cuddle. Even cold, unfeeling men like Charles Bronson.


If God wanted me to not sleep with my wife, he'd make me John Travolta!


Marital concerns continue to bedevil me.


Who's handling their Charlie St. Cloud DVD all the time?

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