Can we at least put together a press release that says I resigned of my own accord to pursue other evil projects?


Carter: If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed.
Chris: Oh yea? You and what lightning hands?

Hey Leia, you got a date to we-killed-thousands-of-people dance tonight?


Bonnie, stay with me! I promise, it will take three years with this accent before you figure out I'm just a regular jerk.

Frenchman 2

Bonnie: Well, it is tempting. Paris is such a perfect city.
Frenchman 2: Well, that is not entirely true. We have a lot of mime on mime violence.

I invited you on this trip to hang out while I have sex with strangers and this is how you repay me?


Frenchman: My intention is to void myself on you.
Bonnie: Ohh, I'd almost forgotten what it's like to be romanced.
Frenchman: My stool will sleep alone tonight.

Lois, I already told you, I'm in Paris to have an affair. I'll even do a Muslim if I have to.


Well, can we at least do some Muppet-style sight-seeing first?


Lois: Not a lot of people of color here but the ones that are black are really black.
Bonnie: I noticed that.

Quagmire: So, do you guys not do the anal probe thing anymore?
Alien: No, that's more of less been retired.
Quagmire: I see, I you guys still have the thing?

Joe hates to fly because they always put him underneath with the dogs


Family Guy Season 9 Quotes

Mr. Washee-Washee: I no have your shirt.
Peter: You yes have my shirt!
Peter: Fine, I go. But this no over! I take picture of Ang Lee
Mr . Washee-Washee: Good! He do too many white people movie anyway!
You no come back ever! I don't like you American. And all you American look alike!

You're not going to get away with this, Mr. Google Search!