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Franklin and bash
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Jared: Stealing a wave.
Peter: That's just unCalifornian.

Last time we dared we ended up making out.


The blackmail thing is kind of ruining the can-do spirit.


Damien: If you accepted a job with these two street minstrels you must have gotten your degree at a mall kiosk.
Jared: She did. A little kiosk called Stanford.

Don't look him in the eye he'll suck out your soul like a dementor.


That speech was one third St. Elmo's Fire and two thirds Hunger Games.


You spoke at career day at my sorority. I still have the beer cozy.


I have a strict no zombie policy in my courtroom.


I guess the new goodbye is no goodbye.


Want to lose yourself in some misery sex?


Damien: Celia Moreno is now the new county Superior.
Rachel: The butch, one armed, Hispanic women? They just decided to check all the boxes.

I put you in a position to succeed. It's not my fault you clubbed a judge to death.

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See that's a talent, sounding like a total asshole even when you're supposedly saying something sincere.


"Sorry, sorry. Jean Claude Van Damme marathon last night. Unavoidable.