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Damien: Celia Moreno is now the new county Superior.
Rachel: The butch, one armed, Hispanic women? They just decided to check all the boxes.

I put you in a position to succeed. It's not my fault you clubbed a judge to death.


Why did you bone me with the judicial committee?


Dude, you're totally messing with my montage.


Jared: Cheer up Pindy. We found your missing package. Mega Ab Belt, right behind the planter.
Pindar: Oh great. My cell mate can lay his head on my rock hard abs.

This is the universe righting itself. You were meant to become a judge Damien.


Peter: If Rob Lowe wants a fight, he's got one.
Jared: We've got to get facials.

Only a master can trifle with a beast like Rob.


I went over to Rob's hoping that you would launch a drone and then fly over his house and spy on me.


Whoever you're replacing, try not to kill them.


Damien: I was feeling...
Infeld: What? Full of crap.
Damien: I was going to say invincible.

The bottom line rarely helps the people on the bottom.

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Franklin & Bash Quotes

Don't try to peel this onion, you'll only find a plum.


Jared: We were young. Mere chicken tenders.
Peter: But now we're the big cocks of the wok.